Travel Platform - VeTravel

Vernost’s VeTravel Is the most comprehensive feature rich platform that addresses multitudes of use cases for OTAs, Airlines, Hotels, Agencies, Corporates, Tour operators, Distributors & Aggregators. The platform is technology enabler for all key Travel business activities, processes, and operations.. VeTravel provides all following aspects for a Travel businesses

  • B2B, B2C, Corporates, Agency and B2B2C Booking Engines & Operations platforms.
  • Online Travel retailing with business workflows for Products like Flights, Hotels, Holidays, Cars, Cruises, Trains, Bus etc.
  • Optimized Web & Mobile Apps for access, workflows and ease for user operations.
  • All Travel business on one platform - Sales Front End, Channels, Products, Pricing, Distribution, Customer Servicing, Payments, Reconciliations & Settlement.
  • Inbuilt Mid Office, Call centre & Back office integrated with the application for seamless resolution.
  • Customer Service / Chatbot integration.
  • Travel Reporting & Dasboards across all products LOBs, Geography, Timeframe.
  • Integrated with industry standard Accounting systems.

Unified Travel Feed - TravOne

Vernost’s TravOne offers one Single API feed for multiple suppliers for Air, Hotels, Holidays etc. This helps Travel corporates to integrate one single TravOne API. All fares from different sources are accessible to them without undergoing multiple supplier integrations or technically invest in the API access or maintenance.

  • Consolidated One feed of multiple suppliers on Open APIs.
  • Product feeds for Flights, Hotels, Holidays, Cars, etc from multiple suppliers.
  • No Maintenance required. All maintenance, patch, error addressal with TravOne.
  • APIs are client configured for access on rules-based algorithm for priority of particular supplier, Price, Service, Uptimes or Geography.
  • Ability to markup/ markdown / incentivise to multiple channels of TravOne access.
  • One Single Partner Settlement with Vernost who settles with multiple partners globally.

Travel Tools

Vernost over the years, have created Travel Productivity and optimization tools that can be harnessed by for travel Business. These can be used individually on use cases or can be bundled into VeTravel offering.

  • Hotels Content De-dupe Engines to aggregate and run multiple Search across multiple APIs.
  • Private Inventory Engines/ Extranets with booking journey workflow for Hotel properties, Holidays, Car Rentals, Visa, Food, Ancillaries, Lounges etc.
  • Outgoing APIs to your existing system for exposing your inventory.
  • Content management system to manage airline & hotel content Masters.
  • Dynamic Rule & Caching Engines to Cache Supplier Fares and improve Look-to-Book ratios.
  • Ancillaries Engine to drive ancillary revenues for Insurance, Forex, Cancellations, Lounges, etc.
  • Travel Rewards Engine to run as Rewards engine to book Trophy Flight/ Rooms / Holidays.
  • On the fly on-page Fare optimization based on other presented Fares.
  • Air / Hotels Miles Exchange platform to exchange points with 50+ airlines / Hotel Miles programs.
  • Aggregated Hotels Affiliate MetaSearch Engines to run hotels Affiliate Cashback with 10+ partners.
  • Travel Brand merchandize store to retail Travel merchandises, memorabilia, Co-brands etc.
  • Trade booking Engine -Exclusive rate Booking engine for the Trade, Corporates, Distribution & Partners.
  • GDPR / Privacy Laws Compliance for User Permissions, Partner Data Distribution & Transmission.
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