Digital Customer Engagement

Digital Engagement Solution

With ClubClass we aim to deliver better customer experiences with our technology enabled Digital Engagement Platform to acquire users as well as engaging & retaining existing ones. It is an automated platform for all customer engagement activities.

Digital Payments

Digital Payment Solution

VePay is our digital wallet & payment solution that has all the advanced features with which you can harness the power of a robust digital payment solution. It allows companies to enable the collection of a wide variety of payments across digitally for seamless and quick payments.

Digital Payments


Design your Digital Commerce experience with our all-in-one ecommerce solutions to carry the activities of buying or selling of products and services online. We Construct & Operationalize integrated online commerce for various businesses verticals like Retail, Internet, Telecom, Healthcare, Travel, Government, etc.

Digital Payments


Our next generation Travel business Platform for tomorrows Digital Travel Enterprise offering travel web portal development, travel mobile app development & API integration services worldwide that enables selling, buying & managing, a seamless experience Better. Easier. Convenient. Profitable.

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Software development

Development of 100+

Large scale App based on Digital, Loyalty & Ecommerce platforms

Business experience

100+ Man years

Of experience in Loyalty, Payment, Ecommerce & Digital platforms

Young & Dynamic corporate team

Young & Dynamic Team

In terms of Business, Technology, Experience & Implementation

App development for global clients

Cutting Edge

Applications development for global clients across different verticals

Market driven technology

Market driven

Solution, Services & Technology

Cost Effective Services

Process & quality

Based economical services

Business Models

Business models

Financial modelling & Biz outlooks

Strong Experience

Rich Experience

In BFSI, CRM, Internet & Mobile

Successful long term business relationship

Long term relationship

With Marketplaces, Payment gateway, & inventory supplier

Strong Co-founders

Zealous Founders

Successful Entrepreneurs. Delivered to Leading Companies

Project delivery capabilities

Solution delivery capability

With Strong project management and execution team

Strong & advanced digital technology

Strong Digital technology

Practice where we Consult, Manage, Develop, Support complex & disparate platforms