What we do?

Digital Customer Engagement

Digital Engagement

We aim to promote customer participation with technology enabled Digital Engagement platform called as ClubClass, for acquiring users as well as engaging & retaining existing ones. It is one stop automation platform for all customer engagement activities.

Digital Payments

Digital Payment

With a vision to promote cashless transaction and with various modes of digital payment we have designed a one stop payment solution called as VernostPay for companies to enable the collection of a wide variety of payments across digitally.

Why work with us?

Software development

Development of 100+

Large scale App based on Digital, Loyalty & Ecommerce platforms

Business experience

100+ Man years

Of experience in Loyalty, Payment, Ecommerce & Digital platforms

Young & Dynamic corporate team

Young & Dynamic Team

In terms of Business, Technology, Experience & Implementation

App development for global clients

Cutting Edge

Applications development for global clients across different verticals

Market driven technology

Market driven

Solution, Services & Technology

Cost Effective Services

Process & quality

Based economical services

Business Models

Business models

Financial modelling & Biz outlooks

Strong Experience

Rich Experience

In BFSI, CRM, Internet & Mobile

Successful long term business relationship

Long term relationship

With Marketplaces, Payment gateway, & inventory supplier

Strong Co-founders

Zealous Founders

Successful Entrepreneurs. Delivered to Leading Companies

Project delivery capabilities

Solution delivery capability

With Strong project management and execution team

Strong & advanced digital technology

Strong Digital technology

Practice where we Consult, Manage, Develop, Support complex & disparate platforms

Our Happy Clients