Loyalty - C2

The Vernost ClubClass Enterprise Loyalty Platform is a complete suite to Acquire, Engage & Retain member throughout various customer lifecycles. Clubclass can be configured in Consumer, Trade or Corporate environments to meet different Loyalty use-cases. The platform is an API first world-class rules accrual engine that helps businesses to configure every activity of personalized engagement based on his relationship, Tiers, activity and TCLV. It enables

  • Accruals based on Rules, priority, Frequency, & channels from multiple data sources.
  • Dynamic Posting of Points in Loyalty Wallets with Balance reflection in user Accounts.
  • Single view CRM to view all Customer activity with insights on Customer performance.
  • Control all User engagement data in one Data Activity Repository.
  • Communication Control configured for Events, Activities, exceptions & other Promotional messaging.
  • API in and API out to interface with your Enterprise Sources and Rewards platforms.
  • Audit Trails & Bank grade application Security.
  • Automated Exception handling, Recon & Settlements.
  • Mapped workflow for your business and operational teams.
  • A 360 degree view of your business Performance.

Rewards - C2 Thank you

The Vernost C2 Thank you Enterprise Rewards Platform is a complete engagement suite to offer your customers with multitude options of Rewards and Redemptions. These Rewards are dynamic, online or as a catalogue, which is end to end serviced by Vernost. The platform is an API first that allows businesses to connect to these Rewards and Redemption marketplaces.

  • Reward, Redemption, Recognition & Privileges Configuration based on Rules, priority, Frequency, & channels.
  • Rewards and Redemption using Electronics payments or Points or Both.
  • User Personalization of Rewards Experience with Past Data Intelligence.
  • Customer Recognition through Milestone Rewards & Leaderboards.
  • Onboarding with built-in multiple suppliers for Rewards and Ancillary Revenue generation.
  • Built in API Suppliers like Travel, Shopping, Vouchers, Finance, Insurance, Cashback, CSR etc for various markets and industry.
  • Maximize Engagement & redemptions through ROI-centric Commercial Modelling of Offers and Rewards to User Cohorts.
  • User Communication, Helpdesk, Analytics and Insight.
  • Audit Trails & Bank-grade application Security.
  • Automated Exception handling, Recon & Settlements.
  • Market co-funded incentivised Offers.

Analytics - C2 Makesense

The Vernost C2 MakeSense Analytics Platform is an integrated Analytical and Marketing suite to help businesses get a view of their Program Analytics across all layers of transactions, analytics & behaviour. When plugged with the Clubclass & C2Thank you platform, it provides a 360 degree view of customer activities, ROIs and recommended journeys for your user cohorts.

  • Visual Dashboard designer that delivers data Insights in one view.
  • Measure Customer Journeys. Design better ones. Recalibrate ROIs.
  • Data Integration, Uniformity & Trackability. API-In across different data sources. API-Out from a singular source of truth.
  • Powered by AI & ML. Generate accurate predictions about future performance.
  • View Interactive interface, Filters, Funnel analysis, Data blending, Insights, Reporting or Carry the data into your Datalake.
  • Profile Building. Stitch Transactional, Browsing, Purchase & Location Data together.
  • Programmatic Campaigns Marketing messages with Response Tracking.
  • Auto build Rich Profiles based on User Behaviour & Cohorts.
  • Elective marketing participation for market funded offers.

Engagement - C2 EngXp

The Vernost ClubClass C2EngXp Engagement Platform provides a complete go-to-market suite of Engagement activities for large-scale loyalty membership programmes. TheC2EngXp platform itself runs all on its own code and hence an integrated and measurable experience is powered for all your users. Members spend 85% of their times on such engagement platform.

  • System driven user engagement & User acquisition@ Zero cost.
  • Collect permissible user information and Stitch Rich User profiles.
  • Run Gamified Engagement - Simultaneously run a gamified events like Lucky Draws, Spin the Wheel, Talent Shows, Quizzes, Games and App tracking.
  • Referrals - Run Member Acquisition with Plug and run Member get Members Referrals.
  • Cashback and Offers - Generate engagement or ancillary Revenues with co-funded third party participating merchants.
  • Monthly Milestone Gratification - Run monthly targets for users & reward them for achievement monthly milestone through reward gratifications.
  • Engagement Leaderboards – Run Leaderboards for permissible users in your ecosystem.
  • Brand Vouchers – Drive instant gratifications through Integrated catalogue of 1000+ Vouchers for discount buying OR Retention OR Reward.
  • Event Based Branded Games to engage users. Games have unlocking level benefits.
  • Drive On-page Sales Conversion with better incentives and rewards at the Transaction page.
  • Drive incentivized third party points exchange with Third party airline, Hotel & Retail partners on the fly.

Miles Exchange - C2 MWM

The Vernost ClubClass C2 MWM Miles Exchange Platform provides a complete managed solution to exchange loyalty point owner companies to offer a Miles Exchange program. The platform manages all aspect miles issuance and exchange with 50+ global Airlines, Hotels and Retail partners. The platform helps you manage your Points Liability, User engagement and goal-driven redemptions.

  • Management of Partner points onboarding, Partner points issuance, Exchange rates & Points retirement.
  • Built in single API from all the Suppliers, Aggregators & global exchange of Air/Hotel/ Retail Partners.
  • End to end Partner reconciliations, settlement, Audit Trails & payments process.
  • Compliance on PCI-DSS, GDPR, Secure access, Taxation, Foreign Exchange & Regulatory compliance.
  • Customer Helpdesk, Chat and Call centre Support.
  • Market funded offers and deals from Airlines, Hotels & Retailers.
  • Maximize Engagement & redemptions through ROI-centric Commercial Modelling of Points to User Cohorts.
  • End to end Managed Service Model.
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