API Management

  • Private API Repository: Give optimal visibility into your APIs on the Private API Network. It supports versioning, audit trail, organizational role-based access, etc. Allows you to control and manage multiple API versions & can be stacked into hierarchical folders.
  • New API Build: Helps you easily implement an API design workflow through OpenAPI, & enables you to manage your API lifecycle with a variety of source control, CI/CD, gateways, and APM solutions—all in one place.
  • Publish APIs: Publish your API for Customer Access. Enable access to your systems through APIs.
  • API Toolbox: The Simplika Low code Platform allows to explore, debug, and test your APIs for HTTP, &REST on OpenAPI specs. Developers can search anything in the API ecosystem, either build an run tests on CI/CD pipeline or run Simulated Environment to view API success rates at endpoints. Users are able to create Integrated markdown-enabled and machine-readable documentation.
  • Monitor APIs: Monitor API Health and performance.
  • API detection: cookies and requests capturing from your browser.
  • Reporting Dashboard: Get Complete API performance landscape across API, across Clusters.
  • Integrations: On a single click Expose secure, APIs to the external world. The auto discovery of enabled APIs and auto updating APIs is facilitated.


  • Easily & securely expose APIs to both internal & external consumers: Industry-standard authorization flows and integrate with your existing identity access or key management tools.
  • Enable design and runtime governance for the entire lifecycle of your APIs: Build APIs from existing services, manage APIs from internally built applications and from third-party providers, and monitor usage and performance all around.
  • Get business insights and intelligence through APIs: Provide real-time access to API usage and performance statistics.
  • Flexible deployment models adapt to your infrastructure while keeping service discovery seamless for developers: Deploy in the cloud / On premises, / Hybrid.
  • Support modern services including REST, Async API & integrate your API workflows with your CI/CD pipeline: Strategically adopt modern service delivery and development paradigms without leaving the legacy systems present.
  • Advanced integration Capability: The runtime integration supports creating composite microservices, service, API hosting, message routing, transformation, message mediation, service orchestration, consuming & processing streaming data.
  • Open standards and best practices: Supports open API specifications for implementing industry-standard API management best practices, including end-to-end security, usage monitoring and analytics, and complete lifecycle management.
  • Easy integration and API management: Adopt API-first approach without refactoring or developer effort. Seamlessly integrate & manage existing services from one centralized location.
  • Track API changes: Maintain a complete history of changes to your API for auditory purposes Simple roll back to stable versions as needed.
  • Leverage event-driven patterns: Enable streaming integration and expose as managed API endpoints to take advantage of responsive architectures. Deliver real-time streaming data as APIs.

Key Features

  • Mutual SSL
    • Between the API consumer and the API gateway & to your backend
    • Unified Enterprise Platform for APIs
    • Connect existing data and applications and make them as easily accessible APIs that can power new journeys. Design, build, test, secure, manage, and retire APIs using one platform
  • Manage Microservices as APIs
    • Manage all your Services, Monoliths and Microservices as an API. Manage Secure APIs with policies, manage client access, group APIs as products, and gain critical insights into your API programs
  • Design APIs
    • Easily create API proxies and visually configure or code API policies as steps in the API flow. Customize API behavior using code. Plus, transform from or to any protocol.
  • API store / Developer Portal
    • Publish APIs to a customizable portal, so that developers can easily explore, test, get API keys, documentation and accelerate API adoption Manage the API audience from your portal.
  • VPN options
    • Support creating a VPN connection between your network & External networks.
  • Hybrid API management
    • Provides the flexibility to deploy micro gateways anywhere, including on Docker & Kubernetes. Also supports multi-cloud deployments.
  • Developer Self Sign up
    • Supports self-sign up so that subscribers can sign up to your developer portal with an approval process.
  • Supports Identity management System integration.
    • Supports the Identity Managements access on the API portal. Provides secure access to the Developers, partners, and internal business groups using SSO and IDMS authorizing consumption of these policies.
  • Customized company branded themes
    • Provides the ability to customize themes for the developer portal, email templates, and admin interfaces
  • API Analytics
    • Interactive API Console and Dashboard | View and analyze statistics related to deployed APIs. | Configure alerts to monitor APIs. | View and download logs. | Trends in performance, policy violations, & user interactions.
  • Monetize your APIs
    • Create, Configure and Package your digital APIs and monetize to unlock revenue streams for access. Launch fast and gain value from their APIs sooner.
  • API Security
    • Govern access to APIs and control API traffic by automatically enforcing pre-built or custom policies. Add or remove policies for API security, Zero Trust, Traffic control, throttling, rate limiting, caching, API Reusability and identity management on the go. Protect your data at rest against OWASP threats with 0Auth 2.0, SAML, two-way TLS, and encryption.

Hosting Models

Virtual Private Cloud

Designed for nimble footed organization that would not require huge teams in maintaining the infrastructure and are cloud friendly. The advantages are.

    • Optimized Virtual private cloud deployment
    • High availability and disaster recovery
    • Best practices, Managed Security, Patch updation & 24 x 7 monitoring
    • Cloud-native, with auto-scaling CI/CD pipeline and multi-stage environment
    • Control for deployment, management, performance optimization
    • Integrated identity and access management (IAM)
    • Zero-trust environment
    • Lower platform infrastructure TCO
    • Faster Go To Market

On Premises Enterprise

The On-Premises Version is designed for Organization having a huge API infrastructure at their premises and need enterprise-class support, security, reliability, and uptime. The advantages are

  • Delivers high productivity with platform as single source of truth.
    • Up-to-date and easily discoverable API documentation
    • Instant search across your API landscape
    • Persona-based pre-configured API workspaces
    • Happier developers with faster onboarding & eliminate duplicate work
    • API mocking, prototyping, testing for developers integrated with your CI/CD pipeline
    • Contract-test internal/external APIs with your consumers
    • Standardize API specifications, Faster bug detection, Rapid, seamless, & automated API testing
    • API lifecycle management across multiple versions
    • User groups and custom roles, API governance with design and validation & Visibility into your API landscape
    • Compliance to API guidelines with Deep API insight reports, dashboards, and audit logs
    • Meet operational SLAs & adherence to legal and regulatory requirements
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