E - Com Store

Vernost’s E-Com Store offers comprehensive feature rich commerce platform that addresses multitudes of Brands, Marketplaces, Discount sellers, Aggregators, across industries. The platform is technology enabler for all Ecommerce business activities, processes, & operations. The versatile platform allows you to configure journeys based on your e-com products, categories & channels that you sell in.

  • Omnichannel Store Fronts for Brands – Online, Offline & Hybrid.
  • Search, Product Discovery, Display & Shopping cart.
  • User Management - Self Subscription, Customer CRM, User interactions.
  • Event driven communications- Social amplification, Virality multiplier & Promotions.
  • Transaction drivers- Discount, Offers, Vouchers, Loyalty, Recommendation & Upsell Engines.
  • Image, Content & Product Presentation management.
  • Order Management Systems, Inventory, Warehouse and Social Integrations.
  • Payment Gateways, Security, Compliance, Data Privacy.
  • Dashboard Reports & Analytics with Data-In & Data-Out.
  • Brand Mobile apps with Point of Sales & Beacon Integration.

E - Com Marketplaces

Vernost’s creates custom Go-To-Market E-Com Marketplace to launch Brand owned Marketplaces. Brands create their own communities for business objective, benefits & growth. These marketplaces are based on a Business need, Category presence, Region or a Target Users. Some of the marketplaces for Women, SMEs, Elite Cardholders, Members-Only, Travellers etc use cases. Apart from all the features of Ecom store mentioned above, additionally we also bring in the following

  • Market participants of Owners, suppliers, and buyers on a single platform
  • Self-subscription Signup Process with KYC for suppliers.
  • Integrations with suppliers systems, for Inventory, Orders, Shipping, Logistics, Warehousing & Supplier Accounting & Reconciliations
  • Advanced Vendor Dashboards for Reports, Communications & Analytics
  • Staging for publishing inventory with Price checks.
  • Call centre, Helpdesk & Chats for query resolution
  • Platform Operations, Accounting, Profitability and SLAs maintenance
  • Partner payments, Taxation and regulatory compliances.

E - Com Mobile-First

Vernost’s creates custom Go-To-Market Mobile E-Com apps for Brands & Marketplaces. It’s a Mobile-First approach for Mobile-First communities that prioritizes the app ecosystem for navigation ease, discoverability, smaller screens optimization, Convenience, Seamlessness, Speed, Personalization & simpler checkouts.

  • Mobile only Features on Scrolling, utilising the native Android / iOS features like buttons, gestures, location, alerts & notifications.
  • Optimized for Easy product discovery visually with auto-generated Descriptions.
  • Social Hooks for Friends & Social sharing, Likes, Views & Reviews.
  • Simplified my Accounts, Browsing history & Profile Builders.
  • Inbuilt FAQs & Customer Service through Chat / Whatsapp/ Telegram.
  • Seamless checkout process using App Native mobile payment app - Credit/ Debit UPI / Wallet / Transfers / Netbanking.
  • App notifications for Marketing, Offers, Cross-sell, Up-sell & Retentions.
  • Personalized Pricing & recommendations.
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